Business to People

Beta Business Park was a product launched by Beta Technologies back in 2009 with the purpose of creating a business-friendly environment where real-world companies could interact safely with their target audience, getting access to premium content for a small fee (e.g. pre-built buildings/offices) as well as to shared common areas to host events for their specific audience (ranging from Orientation Areas for new users, to an Auditorium equipped with presentation software, and even a nightclub for after-conference ‘chill out’ events.

Promotion of such events was organised through one of Beta Technologies’ partners (Above the Fold).

Due to the ongoing costs of maintaining a region specifically for the purpose of hosting businesses, and a certain lack of interest shown in the concept of a ‘shared business-friendly environment’ (companies would prefer a fully private space instead, in their own region), the project was ultimately shut down in 2010.

There are some archived pictures taken from the Beta Business Park, and most of its architectural elements are, for historical purposes, still being hosted on Beta Technologies’ OpenSimulator Grid, which can be visited via Hypergrid; however, no new clients are being accepted.

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