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Weekly Reader for February 26, 2010

  • New World Notes says Viewer 2.0 is an “epic win” for the user-base and an absolute competition killer…but likely isn’t a game-changer in the war for virtual world supremacy.
  • Betterverse listed five reasons why Viewer 2.0 is going to be great for educators, nonprofits, and government groups, beginning with shared media capabilities and and easier user interface.
  • Hypergrid Business wonders if Linden Lab is poised to become the new Netscape. Back at the dawn of the Internet, companies like AOL created “walled gardens” that tended to exclude the casual user. The Netscape browser changed all that, opening the Web to a new generation of users. Linden Lab has the opportunity to do the same.
  • New research for the Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab — yes, such a thing exists — shows that an avatar can act as a powerful role model. Watching a avatar exercise, for example, led the viewer exercise more, particularly in the 24 hours after the virtual exposure. Watching a avatar model a bad behavior, like gorging on sugar, had the same real-world impact.
  • More from Hypergrid Business: as more and more companies set up a presence in Second Life, they are going to have to deal with issues surrounding compliance with legal and regulatory limits imposed in the real world.

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