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City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon (Updated for VMSS 2009)

As part of the ongoing work with CHAIA (University of Évora), Beta Technologies upgraded their long-term project for the virtual recreation of the city of Lisbon just prior to the 1755 earthquake which utterly destroyed most of the downtown. As further research reveals more fascinating aspects of a Lost City […]

Beta Business Park launches September 15, 2009

Beta Technologies will be officially launching on September 15, 2009 their new product for bringing businesses, organisations, and individuals interested in business to Second Life: the Beta Business Park. Beta Business Park (B2P), a project of Beta Technologies, is a community of businesses and the people who own, operate, and work […]

"Land of the Dreams" project in Second Life also promoted by Beta Technologies

In an effort to support more fund-raising events and to raise awareness of Second Life as a very good platform to deploy cultural and artistic events to raise funds, Beta Technologies was delighted to help to promote the CCV project to bring “Land of the Dreams” to Second Life. Some […]

Beta Technologies Sponsors Museum of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

For this volunteer project created as a joint partnership between the Museum of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and CCV, a Portuguese not-for-profit specialised in bringing cultural and artistic events to Second Life® and managing a vibrant community of Portuguese speakers around the world, Beta Technologies was invited as a […]

Urban City for i-Learning Workshops

i-Learning Workshops, Immersive Learning for the Classroom & Workplace, dba, DHR New Media, LLC is a consulting service using best practices for Second Life education and employee training. i-Learning Workshops contracted Beta Technologies to build a simulation of an urban city to use as a platform for workforce development training. This […]

Beta Technologies US Inc created

As of December 1, Beta Technologies US Inc. has been incorporated in the United States of America. Beta Technologies will thus operate under its own corporate name from the new company instead of relying on the former joint-venture partner for the US market. US operations and most of the world-wide […]