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Beta Technologies at the Por TI 2007 Trade Fair

Beta Technologies will be at the Por TI 2007 Trade Fair, a major trade show on information technology that is being organised by the Ministry of Economy at Portugal’s largest showroom at the FIL (Lisbon’s Industry Fair) in the Park of the Nations, from July 10th to 12th (14h-22h GMT). […]

Virtual Campaign Headquarters for Lisbon Mayor Candidate

António Costa, candidate for Mayor of the Lisbon Town Hall through the “Unir Lisboa” campaign, opened today (Saturday, July 7th) his Virtual Campaign Headquarters in Second Life, a project managed by Eggy Lippmann and developed by Beta Technologies. The Virtual Campaign HQ provides the programme of the campaign through an […]

Club Zed launches with new game

Our masterfully talented builder Selkit Diller has just completed Club Zed, the dancing club that serves as background for Rifkin Habsburg’s newest game, Zingo. Rifkin, a very talented games designer, winning some awards for SL-based games in the past, is one of Beta Technologies’ oldest customer — Moon Adamant also […]

Sunbelt Software Opens Publicly on Feb. 5th, 2007

Sunbelt Software, a Florida-based company developing anti-virus, anti-spam, and firewalling software, is opening its private island in Second Life on Feb. 5th, 2007, with a presentation by Sunbelt Software’s CEO, Stu Source (Stu Sjouwerman) at 3 PM SLT. This island will support Sunbelt Software’s vigorous existing online user community of […]

Language Lab to open in SL announced on SLNN

Zarachnia Wilder has reported today on the opening of Language Lab, our customers, who are doing a language school in Second Life. This is a small private subcontinent which will allow students to learn languages in a “conversation school”, where, instead of having the teachers ask the students to “pretend” […]

Office for Business Sim

Beta Technologies has been contracted to build a large office building in the Business sim. Building is now being done according to the project below. View to the main building and plaza Main facade, seen from plaza Overall view of the main building View from grounds