Beta Technologies General Meeting

The Extended Team

Beta Technologies works with a wide range of talented and qualified professionals, many of which with two decades of professional work, ranging from software developers and team managers, system administrators, graphical designers, 3D modellers, architects, pedagogy experts, and consultants. Each project is differently evaluated as to the precise requirements of what a customer needs; we do also draw from the experience of external consultants for very specialised projects. We understand that a company in the chemical industry wishing to develop a virtual presence in Second Life wants to get in touch with an expert that understands their language, requirements, and needs; our purpose, on the beginning of every relationship with a customer, is to make sure they have an experienced professional that understands the requirements.

Thus, our extended team includes people like Lordfly Digeridoo, Cyberstorm Martinez, Jessica Ornitz, Ilushyn Tzedek, Selkit Diller, Ali Maltz, Mango Splash, Om Fujin, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Oneironaut Escher, Zebulon Starseeker, Sinnocent Mirabeau, Rose Farina, Merle Widget, Jarod Godel, LUCA Rosmer, Francis Chung, Khamon Fate, SignpostMarv Martin, among others. Each of those brings their special skills into the group, and are assigned in task forces according to the specific needs of each project.

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