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Perhaps I should blog a bit more here…

There seems to be so much I have to do these days, that blogging has been really on the backburner… I’ve decided to post here a new article just to make sure people know that we’re alive and kicking 🙂 “We”, in this case, being Beta Technologies and using Facebook marketing software, of course. Aye, […]

WordPress 3.0 and playing with CSS

One thing that bothered me was that the little-updated Beta Technologies pages were hard to navigate and had a different theme from the blogs which really put a cramp on my marketing (where I managed to be a little more creative…). There was good reason to do some minor tweaks and unify the themes… Last […]

My new corporate blog

After some thinking about this, from now on, I have split my usual posting between my other blog (Gwyn’s Home) and the corporate blogs here at Beta Technologies. When I started blogging about Second Life®, my original purpose was quite naive: create a place where starting residents (newbies!) could find some information about Second Life. […]

Business and Technology in Second Life