Beta Technologies is a Second Life Solution Provider, creating content and developing applications for the virtual world of Second Life® (or its equivalent open-source version, OpenSimulator).

It is a joint-venture of two companies, Beta Technologies, Lda., headquartered in Lisbon, and Beta Technologies US Inc., established in New York.

The joint-venture explores the development of institutional virtual presences in three-dimensional environments like Second Life and has customers around the world.

The workforce is multinational, spreading across several continents, and has a team of skilled specialist professionals including consultants, project managers, architects, urban planners, graphical designers, interior designers, Web designers, 3D modellers, animators, programmers, system administrators, sound and video engineers, movie directors, and multimedia producers.

Complete, integrated solutions were developed for clients like:

  • Xerox (US) — virtual presence, salesforce training simulators, presentation videos
  • Language Lab (UK) and DHR New Media (US) — foreign language school with scenarios for conversation classes inside Second Life
  • Saxo Bank (DK) — virtual presence and integration with a currency exchange (“Trading Game”)
  • Sunbelt Software (US) — virtual presence to sell software in-world
  • Grundfos (DK) — area for environmental training and promotion
  • King’s College Visualisation Lab (UK) and University of Evora/CHAIA (PT) — recreation of several European theatres (virtual archaeology)
  • MMC/RTV Slovenija (SI) — virtual presence for the “Moj Splet” portal and its vibrant community of online users
  • Dolce Vita (PT/ES) — promotional events for their shopping mall
  • Chic Corporation/Marco Aldany (ES) — brand promotion, attracting new prospects, product simulation and demonstration
  • CTT – Correios de Portugal (PT) — Virtual showroom and e-commerce solution for the Portuguese National Post Service
  • Connecticut State Government (US) — CT Works information area
  • BOCES (US) — Cleanroom simulation and training area
  • University of Bristol (UK) — Victorian clothing for the Sydenham Crystal Palace project and furniture (virtual archaeology)

About 70 projects have been completed until now for over a dozen different customers.

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