Partner VP-ARC starts a new classroom in the Amiais sims

Classes are already going on and Beta Technologies’s own Gwyneth Llewelyn is the Chair! The new classroom space is being used for the Virtual Worlds subject at the TeSP Gaming & e-Sports course of the School of Higher Education at Rio Maior, Santarém Polytechnical, Portugal.

The new classroom is installed at one of the peripheric houses and its large grounds on the main LOCUS Amiais @ SL sim. After careful consideration, the the usual solution of the sandbox classroom seemed counter-productive, as it is expected that the TeSP Gaming & e-Sports students learn about the possibilities and challenges of the virtual world, and develop an understanding about the implications of the increased usage of the Metaverse for entertainment and e-sports in the foreseeable future. So a class space fully immersed in the SL environment is expected to bring on fuller engagement and enhanced outcomes.

Classes will be taught till January 2024, and it’s foreseen they will soon be followed by other seminars by BT founders (to be announced).

VP-ARC is the Virtual World branch of Arts Resources in Collaboration, Inc. (ARC), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization aiming to preserve relevant digital cultural content. It is currently hosting the LOCUS Amiais @SL project. VP-ARC also hosts the Oikoumeni Sea sims, an innovative experiment to connect educational communities in SL.