Student Home for Language Lab - Common Leisure Room

LanguageLab opens Student Homes

Student HomesLanguagelab is the world leader in a new approach to language learning. The approach combines the interactive and social potential of virtual environments with highly qualified, innovative teachers from around the world to provide a unique space for formal and informal learning. And all of this can be accessed from your computer. Learning in Languagelab is memorable and effective, realistic and immersive, targeted and informal, collaborative and enabling. Their project is quite long-term, and they have been developing in Second Life for a few years, even introducing voice technology well before Linden Lab released their own software.

Beta Technologies has been working with Languagelab from the very start, creating realistic content for the many settings and environments used to teach classes in several languages.

Since Languagelab’s own simulators are private — only students and their teachers are allowed to enter their simulators — there was a need to allow students to interact socially outside the classroom, while still enjoying moments of pleasure in the Second Life® virtual world. A solution was to add residences for the students on Languagelab’s virtual campus. From a concept by Beta Technologies’ Creative Director, Moon Adamant, Beta’s team has developed a set of modular buildings (able to host around 280 students per simulator) that also allow students to configure their own rooms using a simple button to select different environments, and load the one they prefer.

Two environments (a study room and a leisure lounge) with several different options are available at the touch of a button; students can always change their mind at any time. Pictures can be placed on walls and doors and they will be saved; common social spaces allow students to further develop their language skills in informal conversations between classes.