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  • Lisboa1755 7set2009 Opera 2

    Video for City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon


    As part of the very long project of creating a visual representation of the city of Lisbon in 1755, just before the earthquake destroyed it, Beta Technologies was asked to provide a promotional video of the work done so far, which is going to be …

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  • CTT  Multifunction Interactive Mailbox MIM

    Beta Technologies’ latest project opens today: CTT "World In Touch"


    The Portuguese National Post Service, CTT — Correios de Portugal, have launched their virtual presence in Second Life® today. Their region, dubbed World in Touch, is CTT’s latest project using a vast variety of technological innovations in order to keep in touch with their clients. …

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  • Final report of the Theatron 3 project available

    King’s College London has released the final report on the Theatron 3 project, which has been mostly developed by Beta Technologies for King’s Visualisation Lab. The report should prove invaluable for researchers and educators willing to engage in long-term projects in Second Life, and it …

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  • Beta Business Park official launch today

    Beta Technologies is proud to present today the official launch of the Beta Business Park (B2P), its product for the business community in Second Life. While the B2P has been around for some time, today’s schedule will feature a series of chill-out events and some …

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  • Beta Business Park Video Trailer

    For the launch of the Beta Business Park next Tuesday, we have a small promotion video that tries to explain the purpose of the B2P — where business meet people:

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  • City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon (Updated for VMSS 2009)

    As part of the ongoing work with CHAIA (University of Évora), Beta Technologies upgraded their long-term project for the virtual recreation of the city of Lisbon just prior to the 1755 earthquake which utterly destroyed most of the downtown. As further research reveals more fascinating …

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  • Beta Technologies sponsors Portuguese fund-raising event

    After the success of sponsoring the Hair Fair ’09 event, Beta Technologies continues to support the space for a fund-raising event for the “Land of Dreams” charity, an organisation which tries to give children and teenagers with terminal diseases a last dream. This time, on …

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  • Videos from Beta Technologies

    Story of a Second Lifetime from Jeff Bush on Vimeo. Introduction to Second Life by Xerox CTO Sophie Vanderbroek from Jeff Bush on Vimeo. OpenSim Baroque Lisbon from Gwyneth Llewelyn on Vimeo. Beta Technologies on Vimeo

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  • "Land of the Dreams" project in Second Life also promoted by Beta Technologies


    In an effort to support more fund-raising events and to raise awareness of Second Life as a very good platform to deploy cultural and artistic events to raise funds, Beta Technologies was delighted to help to promote the CCV project to bring “Land of the …

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  • Hair Fair '09 Sponsored by Beta Technologies

    This year’s Hair Fair ’09 — the largest trade and charity fair in Second Life, with an estimated attendance of over 15,000 people, and having the goal to raise US$ 12,000 for the not-for-profit Locks of Love, is being sponsored by Beta Technologies, which has …

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