Check the machinima of the ACRL Visit to the LOCUS Amiais@SL project

Many thanks to Valibrarian Gregg for organizing the ACRL Virtual World Interest Group visit to LOCUS Amiais@SL project and making this great machinima!

If you missed the visit on the last 15 March 2023, this machinima sums it up nicely! And check LOCUS Amiais@SL afterwards — everyone is welcome to visit!

The ACRL — Association of College and Research Libraries is a division of the American Library Association. The ACRLVirtual Worlds Interest Group aims to provides an opportunity for academic librarians with virtual environment interests and responsibilities to have a place in ACRL to network, share information, ask questions, and work on special projects, promote accessibility and provide programs relevant to academic libraries (read more…)

The LOCUS Amiais @SL, a project of Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, and realized by Beta Technologies in 2021, recreates the village of Amiais, Sever do Vouga, Portugal, in the Second Life metaverse. It aims to develop and test interactive immersive scenarios, based on co-designed ludic storytelling, to explore cultural contents and learn about the cultural heritage of Amiais. The project also aims to understand the impacts of individual characteristics in immersive practices in metaverses in order to conceptualize virtual ludic experiences to promote cultural heritage and converge it with experiences in the physical territory.