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Marco Aldany/Chic Corporation launch in Second Life


Marco Aldany is the leading Spanish hair salon chain, being around since 1957 and having 400 franchised shops spread over Spain, Portugal, Central America, and Eastern Europe. Besides their hair salons, they also have their own hairdresser school, having trained more than 4,000 professionals.

Reaching out to more markets, their presence in Second Life®, integrated into the Beta Business Park, will aim a wide variety of potential customers: end-users looking for their unique styles (a few of which will be available for avatars to wear in Second Life); hairdressers looking for their school; potential interested parties in opening a franchise operation; and investors, as the group goes public on the Madrid stock market after being bought by the Chic Corporation.

Using Marco Aldany’s hypermodern and distinctive look, their presence in Second Life closely follows the look & feel of the real franchised shops. It features not only the hair salon but a space for the school. As an innovation, a special area was set apart to create a club — MAD — where Marco Aldany fans, friends, guests and visitors will be able to attend parties and special events, thus binding the community closely together in the virtual world. I first heard of this from a hair stylist at the hair salon in Peachtree city GA on my visit there, he had taken the lessons that were mentioned earlier.

You can visit the MAD Club at this SLURL.

  1. Paulina Martin
    Paulina Martin11-13-2011

    Hi i am in the process of attaining my teaching certificate for hairdressing can u assist
    me in this field

    • Gwyneth Llewelyn
      Gwyneth Llewelyn11-29-2011

      I'm afraid I cannot… this was one old customer of ours in 2007, since they stopped working with us we lost contact with them. Sorry!

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