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Beta Business Park becomes first business-oriented Community Gateway

Since November 6th, 2009, Beta Business Park has become the first business-oriented Community Gateway, listed on the login page for new residents, and thus allowing any new user with the intention to enter Second Life® to relate to communities of professional like, and business users to have their own […]

Not a game: Virtual worlds are serious business

Conference highlights entrepreneurs, trainers, pathfinders and new products Amanda Van Nuys (known in Second Life® as Amanda Linden) and Doug Thompson (Dusan Writer) will be among the featured presenters at the Leadership in Business fall conference, Oct. 27-29 at the Beta Business Park ( in the virtual world of Second […]

Beta Business Park Fall 2009 Conference: Request for Presenters

Beta Technologies’ Beta Business Park is now promoting a conference on business and business-related activities in virtual worlds, which will take place during the days of October 27-29, all inside the virtual world of Second Life. This conference will target three kinds of audiences: those that have no experience in […]

Beta Business Park launches September 15, 2009

Beta Technologies will be officially launching on September 15, 2009 their new product for bringing businesses, organisations, and individuals interested in business to Second Life: the Beta Business Park. Beta Business Park (B2P), a project of Beta Technologies, is a community of businesses and the people who own, operate, and work […]

Marco Aldany/Chic Corporation launch in Second Life

Marco Aldany is the leading Spanish hair salon chain, being around since 1957 and having 400 franchised shops spread over Spain, Portugal, Central America, and Eastern Europe. Besides their hair salons, they also have their own hairdresser school, having trained more than 4,000 professionals. Reaching out to more markets, their […]