Gwyneth Llewelyn at the B2P Fall Conference during the Dusan Writer presentation

Beta Business Park launches September 15, 2009

Beta Technologies will be officially launching on September 15, 2009, their new product for bringing businesses, organisations, and individuals interested in business to Second Life: the Beta Business Park.

Beta Business Park (B2P), a project of Beta Technologies, is a community of businesses and the people who own, operate, and work them.

This business-to-people community is a different way to do business in Second Life. B2P provides a coherent territory dedicated to businesses and their clients, allowing easy connections between business people, as well as conveniently shared costs of common facilities.

B2P tenants use their Second Life offices for bringing together geographically diverse staff and clients, saving traveling costs without forfeiting the personal touch of being in the same place at the same time.

B2P is a superb entry point for widening your business’s market. B2P staff and partners assist tenants with everything from introducing their staff and clients to the basics of virtual worlds and Second Life, to creating entire communities of their own. Around-the-clock support from the B2P staff gets tenants answers and assistance when they need it. The B2P staff are trained concierges. If the answer to a question is not on the tip of their tongues, they work to get it quickly.

Networking between tenants is key to what makes B2P special. Regularly scheduled events encourage community members to share ideas and learn from one another, as well as from the experts brought in to speak. Topics range from “Second Life 101” to the intricacies of navigating the global market.

Registered users at the B2P portal will have access to a wide range of documentation and information on business-related topics in Second Life as well as special invitations to attend business-related events.

The launch on September 15 will be open house: drop in for a tour of our facilities, music, information and networking. Our staff will be on hand all day to answer your questions about the park and our services.

For more information, please register at the Beta Business Park portal: