Our client LanguageLab.com announces partnership with Pearson

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LanguageLab.com, a client of Beta Technologies since our very beginning, announced today a partnership with the renowned company Pearson Education, a sister company of Pearson and part of the group that includes the Penguin book publishing company and the Financial Times newspaper. Pearson Education produces books and learning tools to help people around the world to grow their knowledge, develop their skills and realise their potential.

The new partnership will explore together the transformation of Pearson’s leading textbook-based learning, the bestselling Market Leader Business English series, into a highly interactive environment where students of Business English will be immersed in the very same situations they are preparing for, tutored by qualified teachers in a business-friendly virtual world setting.

Beta Technologies has been developing and restructuring LanguageLab.com’s English City in a very long-term project which comprises several stages and will provide LanguageLab.com with its own, personalised Second Life Viewer for the best possible experience.