Lisbon 1755 Project to be shown at National Museum of Ancient Art

Portugal’s National Museum of Ancient Art has invited the team from CHAIA, developing the City & Spectacle: a vision of pre-earthquake Lisbon project with Beta Technologies, to be present with a video integrated in the “Prodigious Commission” exhibit, which will run from May 18th to September 29th, 2013.

This exhibit is considered to be the most important event in the year showing a glimpse of Lisbon’s baroque art and architecture developed under the patronage of King John V. It focuses on the Patriarchal Church and Palace, both of which have also been modelled by Beta Technologies, with some recently added detail on the façade of the Patriarchal Church; the video will also allow visitors to understand the context and environment surrounding the building, since most of it had already been modelled by Beta Technologies’ team.

The latest changes have also been uploaded to Kitely, where virtual world users can experience walking through the model. Instructions in Portuguese for accessing the models are also available on our site (English instructions are provided directly by Kitely).

We also expect to be able to show new and updated images for the changed models soon, as well as a link to the video.

While the next stages of this project are yet undecided, recent research has uncovered new images of the Opera House, as well as more detailed documentation on the interiors of the Patriarchal Church, both of which may be further areas for expanding the project. At this stage, Beta Technologies is mostly correcting several small inaccuracies in the model to make it fit better to uncovered documentation. As each stage of corrections is finished and validated by the team of historians, it will be publicly released on Kitely as well.