Beta Technologies sponsors OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013

The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the community around the OpenSimulator software, currently on its first-ever edition. The conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base. It also joins several different communities under the same overall event: from regular residents, content creators (both amateurs and professionals), to event hosting, community management, and academic research. While several conferences have been routinely held in the virtual world of Second Life®, and often also mention work being done in OpenSimulator, this is the first time that an international conference is held on an OpenSimulator-based grid, for the OpenSimulator community, and about the OpenSimulator framework/platform, being a joint production by the Overte Foundation and AvaCon, Inc.

Beta Technologies, which also develops content using OpenSimulator — most notably, the City & Spectacle: A vision of pre-earthquake Lisbon academic project, a recreation of the city of Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake utterly destroyed its Baroque architecture, and which can currently be visited on Kitely — is one of the many sponsors of this conference, which is free to attend (but requires a registration).