The Team

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Sudane Erato

Born November 11, 2004 into the virtual world of Second Life®. Member of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) nation state, located in Second Life®. Serves as Treasurer and Estate Owner. Member of the Second Life® New England community, located in Second Life®. Serves as Estate Owner. Contributor to the […]

Jeff Bush

Fresh from degrees in physics and theology, Jeff began a career in television production in 1973, working principally in the New York City performing arts community. Teaming up with his wife Celia Ipiotis, in 1981 they founded and produced the long-running public television series Eye On Dance & the Arts. […]

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Gwyneth Llewelyn is Beta Technologies’ European Business Manager and Chief Information Officer. Gwyneth has worked for over two decades as an IT consultant, specialising in creating a commercial identity and presence for customers on the internet. She brings to the company a solid understanding of management and successful business leadership. […]