Gwyneth Llewelyn

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Gwyneth Llewelyn is Beta Technologies’ European Business Manager and Chief Information Officer.

Gwyneth has worked for over two decades as an IT consultant, specialising in creating a commercial identity and presence for customers on the internet. She brings to the company a solid understanding of management and successful business leadership. As former CTO of an internet company, and as a manager in several other high-tech firms, Gwyneth has experience in international business, contracts, billing, finance, marketing, and promotion. Besides her business chores, she is also doing a PhD in virtual worlds, focusing on intelligent agents in Second Life and virtual archaeology.

Note: If you’re unable to contact Gwyneth Llewelyn by email for some reason, or if she’s slow in replying to your emails, do not wait for her to answer — please forward your emails to ✉️ [email protected] to get a reply from the rest of the management team. We work together to keep ourselves fully informed about all projects going on, and either of us will be able not only to provide you with a report but to enact any decision that might be necessary.

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