Beta Business Park Fall 2009 Conference: Request for Presenters

B2P Fall 2009 Conference

Beta Technologies’ Beta Business Park is now promoting a conference on business and business-related activities in virtual worlds, which will take place during the days of October 27-29, all inside the virtual world of Second Life.

This conference will target three kinds of audiences: those that have no experience in virtual worlds but want to see what it’s all about, those who have a foothold in virtual business but want to explore the full range of possibilities and those who have realised the benefits of a business in Second Life but want to add context and depth to their ideas.

The B2P Fall 2009 Conference environment offers the chance not only to learn and absorb new ideas through a variety of presentations, but it also allows you to explore those ideas in depth and brainstorm other possibilities with the conference attendees.

Until the end of September, we’re accepting proposals for presenters. More information about the B2P Fall 2009 Conference can be found here.