Dolce Vita Best Fashionable Avatar Contest Booth at the 100Limites Region

Dolce Vita Shopping Centres Launches “Best Fashionable Avatar” Contest

Dolce Vita Best Fashionable Avatar ContestDolce Vita is an international shopping centre chain in Europe with a strong presence in Portugal. They’re launching a contest for the “Best Fashionable Avatar” in the Second Life® virtual world.

To register, you only need to go to a Dolce Vita kiosk and touch it to get a unique registration code. With that code, you can now send postcards with pictures of your avatar and have them displayed on a voting site. The 10 most voted avatars until May 15th will be invited to a fashion show (with live music) on May 16th, where a jury will pick their choice among the best. Contestants can pick up free clothes (up to a limit) from the Portuguese fashion designer Maria Gherardi on her MG Fashion shops in Second Life.

The winner will get a voucher to spend €500 on any Dolce Vita Shopping Centre in Portugal. There will be a second round of voting on May 23rd with another €500 to be won.

All design and programming were developed by Beta Technologies.