Reconstruction of the Pompey Theatre for the Theatron 3 Project by King's Visualisation Lab

Beta Technologies Develops Theatron 3 for King’s College London

In a long-term project, Beta Technologies has been modelling in Second Life® 19 European theatres (from Ancient Greece up to the 20th century) for the Theatron 3 project of King’s Visualisation Lab (part of King’s College London).

During this undertaking, old models from the Theatron 2 project (done on legacy technologies) are being adapted by Beta Technologies’ experts in virtual archaeology so that they can be fully used as buildings inside Second Life. The extraordinary detail of the historical models requires a high level of expertise to be properly recreated in Second Life and be used by several European universities as objects for further study (which include the recreation of historical plays in its proper environment). The historical accuracy of the models and the research is provided by experts from King’s Visualisation Lab who supervise the work in close collaboration with Beta Technologies’ creative director, our specialist in virtual archaeology (recreation of historical buildings in virtual worlds).

As part of the project, the Theatron Reservation System was also developed by Beta Technologies. This is a device allowing the universities participating in the Theatron project to register for a particular theatre to be displayed, select a “pedagogical pack” (usually a set or scenario specific to a certain play or epoch), and have the corresponding building rezzed at the appropriate time. The terrain of the “Theatron” simulator is also terraformed accordingly.