Saxo Bank Island

Saxo Bank opens virtual presence in Second Life

Saxo Bank has announced the opening of Saxo Bank Island, their virtual presence in Second Life, a project developed by Beta Technologies, in collaboration with the Danish research lab Innovation Lab. Saxo Bank is one of the leading investment banks in Denmark as well as the one most renowned for all its online presence.

The concept for this virtual presence is having the new Saxo Bank building in Copenhagen (currently being built in real life as well) set in the middle of a tropical island, complete with a bubbling volcano, where a perpetual carnival is going on, with floats rolling across a road, where people can join the party and dance! Inside the building, there is a lot of information about Saxo Bank, as well as an auditorium for meetings and presentations, but the major attraction is a Trading Game which uses real data from foreign currency exchanges (FOREX) to teach visitors how to trade. A game round lasts a week (from Monday to Friday) and the winner will get some prizes in Linden dollars (L$).

Edit: The original announcement of the opening had been published on an online financial magazine which has sadly ceased its operation; although it has remained online with all the content, it’s hard to search. The current link to an article on Finextra shows similar content and was published at the same time.