Beta Technologies at the Por TI 2007 Trade Fair

porti-2007-logo.pngBeta Technologies will be at the Por TI 2007 Trade Fair, a major trade show on information technology that is being organised by the Ministry of Economy at Portugal’s largest showroom at the FIL (Lisbon’s Industry Fair) in the Park of the Nations, from July 10th to 12th (14h-22h GMT). The entrance is free.

This event will feature about a hundred companies and organisations, invited from among Portugal’s most innovative technology leaders in the market, and is integrated in the many events organised during Portugal’s presidency of the European Union, which features technology, research and development, as some of the key elements.

Beta Technologies’ BoothWe apologise to all our customers and partners for some delays in any eventual contacts during these three days. As usual, Jeff Bush in New York will be available during this period, and all email sent to [email protected] will always be the preferred way to contact all the team.