Lost & Found Office Game Created for LanguageLab

A major achievement in Second Life in-world game development, the “Lost and Found” game presents students of LanguageLab with a way to learn how to distinguish items inside a virtual Lost & Found office. “Robots” walk in asking (with voice) for the players if an item was found and returned to the office. Players, in turn, must listen to the recording, understand what object is being asked for, and need to select those from the shelves, coat hangers, racks, or the ground, and place them “inside” the robot. The entire system allows for multiple players, multiple levels, and scoring which is recorded web-side.

Requiring an extraordinary amount of programming, this game is totally configurable — there is no limit to the number of objects, where these are placed, how many robots appear, what sounds/messages are displayed, etc. Despite its complexity, it was designed to allow full user-based configuration — more questions, more/different objects, additional levels, different scenarios, etc. The only limitations are tied to Second Life’s own memory limits.