Second Skin Labs opens shop on the Beta Business Park

Namssor Daguerre’s Second Skin Labs is one of the oldest brands in Second Life, having sold their first realistic, professional-looking skins as early as March 2004, and being in business since then.

In late 2005, Namssor developed a unique selection method that allowed buyers to select among millions of possible combinations of skin details so that they could create their personal style.

Now Namssor is opening up a new shop on the Beta Business Park. Designed by Beta Technologies’ Creative Director, Moon Adamant, the new shop is a modern structure, combining architectural prowess with a functional design, taking into account that avatars shop differently than human beings.

Today was held the Grand Opening for Namssor’s new shop, an event organised by the Beta Business Park’s management team [note: this link has long been broken and no known archived version is available].