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Sudane Erato

Born November 11, 2004 into the virtual world of Second Life®. Member of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators (CDS) nation state, located in Second Life®. Serves as Treasurer and Estate Owner. Member of the Second Life® New England community, located in Second Life®. Serves as Estate Owner. Contributor to the […]

Video: LOCUS Project in Amiais in the Second Life Metaverse

On March 16th, Amiais in the Second Life is officially opened.

Since June 2021, a replica of Amiais has been developed in a metaverse to transpose the village’s heritage and cultural heritage through a virtual environment. This transposition involves building the architectural space, the environment, the fauna and flora, and the recreation of Amiais’ culture.

In this way, a playful narrative was created, similar to geocaching, so that the residents and visitors can discover and learn about the village and the cultural heritage of the place.

Locus Project @ Second Life

We proudly present our latest project, the 4-sim region of Amiais, currently online and fully visitable in Second Life LOCUSPROJECT is an iteration of the original project LOCUS – PlayfuL cOnneCted rUral territorieS: The Internet of Things in the intergenerational Creative production of cultural georeferenced contents, a multi-year research project […]