Beta Technologies Sponsors Museum of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic

Cristo_Monte_Iras_009 copy.jpgorla_branca.jpg

For this volunteer project created as a joint partnership between the Museum of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic and CCV, a Portuguese not-for-profit specialised in bringing cultural and artistic events to Second Life® and managing a vibrant community of Portuguese speakers around the world, Beta Technologies was invited as a sponsor to create some commemorative content as well to be displayed on the “Alma” island, where the virtual presence of the Museum is held.

As part of the sponsorship, Beta Technologies’ Moon Adamant and Damien Fate have created an art piece (the image of a crucified Christ), a replica of a 16th century map illustrating the Portuguese-speaking countries of the world, and a small exhibition of digital art evoking Portuguese heritage, culture, and poetry.