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NEW YORK – In the 1980s there was teleconferencing. In the 1990s, videoconferencing came of age. Now there is 3D collaboration. Global companies like IBM and Northrop Grumman as well as many smaller ones are using the virtual world of Second Life Grid® for holding business meetings, conducting employee training, and getting product feedback.

What they gain is a foothold in a new world experiencing rapid economic growth. And they eliminate travel costs. Gone too is the productivity drain when people are pulled out of the office for meetings. Meanwhile, from  networking to learning opportunities to spending time with the top execs, all the benefits of meeting face-to-face are real though the environment is virtual.

“Companies that are thinking of establishing a business presence in a virtual world need a solutions consultant that is serious about business,” says Jeff Bush, managing director, Beta Technologies in the U.S. The firm is like a website designer for virtual worlds, and has just been named a Gold Solution Provider by Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life®. After a rigorous qualification process, Beta Technologies has been certified for its expertise in creating solutions for design and programming in Second Life.

In announcing the Gold Solution Provider Program, Linden Lab stated, “We are excited about taking this step to recognize the excellence and experience and provide further support of Solution Providers operating on the Second Life Grid.”

Beta Technologies’ stake in Second Life Grid is called Beta Business Park. Its level of service and level of seriousness are appreciated by clients like Xerox and DHR\New Media, LLC.

Contact: Jeff Bush, (212) 645-2228

About Beta Technologies

Our skills and knowledge range from 3D content design, real architecture, programming, web and logo design to project planning and management. All of these have proved effective in helping companies make a transition to a virtual world for doing business. We are incorporated in the United States. Our home office is in Lisbon, Portugal.

Joining Second Life® could not have become easier for business professionals. At Beta Technologies, we offer you the comfort of an orientation area, where you will be assisted in your first steps in this brand new world – just call one of our assistants for help!