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  • Beta Business Park Fall 2009 Conference: Request for Presenters


    Beta Technologies’ Beta Business Park is now promoting a conference on business and business-related activities in virtual worlds, which will take place during the days of October 27-29, all inside the virtual world of Second Life. This conference will target three kinds of audiences: those …

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  • Beta Business Park official launch today

    Beta Technologies is proud to present today the official launch of the Beta Business Park (B2P), its product for the business community in Second Life. While the B2P has been around for some time, today’s schedule will feature a series of chill-out events and some …

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  • Beta Business Park Video Trailer

    For the launch of the Beta Business Park next Tuesday, we have a small promotion video that tries to explain the purpose of the B2P — where business meet people:

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  • City and Spectacle: A Vision of Pre-Earthquake Lisbon (Updated for VMSS 2009)

    As part of the ongoing work with CHAIA (University of Évora), Beta Technologies upgraded their long-term project for the virtual recreation of the city of Lisbon just prior to the 1755 earthquake which utterly destroyed most of the downtown. As further research reveals more fascinating …

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  • Beta Business Park launches September 15, 2009


    Beta Technologies will be officially launching on September 15, 2009 their new product for bringing businesses, organisations, and individuals interested in business to Second Life: the Beta Business Park. Beta Business Park (B2P), a project of Beta Technologies, is a community of businesses and the people …

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